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Business Analytics with following pathways

Study Business Analytics as a standalone option where you cover a range of core modules from business and computing science.

Key Facts



MSc Business Analytics with following pathways


Degree Duration

12 months


Pathways Available

15 months :3 months pathway + 1 year degree
18 months :6 months pathway + 1 year degree


Start Dates

September 2023

Degree Overview

MSc Business Analytics teaches you to apply the latest analytical and quantitative tools to make informed business decisions on the available data. You will also examine the ethical use and management of data in terms of the impact on society and individuals.

Open to business and non-business graduates, the strength of the course is how it draws together business analytics from a range of business subjects. It gives you options to specialise in marketing, finance, Big Data, Management or with International Business.

Geared towards participants who value combining business analytical skills with those of business, with teaching support from our Computing Science colleagues, it provides necessary skills to analyse data and understand the models of business analytics. Business analytical skills are increasingly important in a world that generates large quantities of data, are highly valued by employers, and in large demand.

Providing the necessary associated business skills so that business analysts have the business contextual awareness to operate at the highest level of understanding based on the ‘needs’ and ‘uses’ of the analysis. To help you have the greatest impact on your businesses, we will teach you how to manage and use appropriate visualization techniques plus prescriptive and predictive analytics with a focus on businesses.

  • You may incur additional costs in the course of your education at the University over and above tuition fees in an academic year such as laptops, Stationary and additional resources.

Why Study this Degree

The business disciplines within MSc Business Analytics and its pathway options are among the most sought after by employers.

Based on available data, graduates tend to find employment in the technology, finance, and consulting sectors mostly. Recruiters of business analytics include both FTSE 100 companies and government organisations.

Typical roles undertaken by a graduate of Business Analytics include Account Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Management Specialist, Planning Manager, Data Scientists, and consultants.

Your Pathways


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Additional academic English and subject-related support

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