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Business Economics

Gain a degree in Economics in three years. A new approach for a Scottish University, mirroring the three year degree length on offer throughout the rest of the UK.

Key Facts



BSc (Hons) Business Economics


Degree Duration

4 years


Pathways Available

International Stage One
4 years :1 year pathway + 3 year degree


Start Dates

September 2023

Degree Overview

Economics is a diverse subject to study, as it can touch upon areas of finance, politics, business, history, and other social sciences. In many ways, it can cover every aspect of the way we live our lives.

This programme provides students with a detailed knowledge of Economics, and skills to be able to apply the knowledge in a practical sense. It covers both microeconomic (the actions/behaviours of an individual “unit”, such as an individual company, household etc) and macroeconomic issues (a much wider view of economic actions/behaviours, for example Governments).

The course will also give students the chance to think about the design of various policy, from an economic perspective. Assessing both economic institutions and economies in a practical context.

  • You may incur additional costs in the course of your education at the University over and above tuition fees in an academic year such as laptops, Stationary and additional resources.

Why Study this Degree

This course includes an optional eight-week internship matched to your chosen industry. Employers overwhelmingly believe graduates who have an internship experience are more employable due to your increased experience of the workings of international companies and organisations.

Companies will welcome graduates who understand the relevant theories, practises, models and tools associated with Economics, however, it’s vital for them to recruit graduates who understand how to put these theories into practice, understand how and when to use certain theoretical models, understand their limitations and have the forward thinking to develop new solutions.

Your Pathways

International Stage One

The International Year One is the perfect pathway if you want a undergraduate degree from a UK, EU or US University but do not meet the requirements for direct entry.

The IS1 is the first year of a four year International Incorporated Bachelors. And its designed to strengthen your English language abilities and introduce core concepts and knowledge required at university study level.  Once you have successfully completed your studies you will continue the remaining stages of your degree directly with the University of your choice.

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University of Dundee

Ranked in The Guardian’s Top 20 UK Universities in 2021, the
University of Dundee prides itself on three things: Impactful
research, an excellent student experience and a
community campus in the city.

Situated beside the majestic River Tay, Dundee is Scotland’s sunniest city. It also has the highest student ratios per head of population anywhere in the UK so there is an exciting and diverse range of nightlife, leisure activities and culture.

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