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DTh in Practical Theology

A part-time professional doctorate programme which will enhance the evaluative and reflective skills required to go further in your career.

Key Facts



PhD (Prof) DTh in Practical Theology


Degree Duration

Stage 1: 2 years :Part time
Stage 2: 3-4+ years :Part time


Start Dates

September 2023

Degree Overview

The Professional Doctorate in Practical Theology (DTh) at the University of Roehampton is committed to high level research, grounded in faith practice. The programme is specifically designed to allow students to continue in professional roles and / or to research an area of importance in a relevant practical context. DTh students are part-time, integrating their study and research with a wide variety of professional and practical contexts – in voluntary organisations and faith sector work, in lay work and ministry, in social justice movements and education. Whilst the programme works largely within Christian paradigms of practical theology, the programme is open to researchers from a diversity of faith backgrounds where staff are equipped to teach and supervise. The programme focuses on using research to develop theological practice, to the mutual enrichment of both academic theology and faith practice.


You may incur additional costs during your education at the University over and above tuition fees in an academic year such as laptops, Stationary and additional resources

Why Study this Degree

University of Roehampton London is ranked top 10 in the UK for postgraduate student satisfaction (PTES 2022)

All Roehampton’s ministerial theology provisions are timetabled to fit in with busy ongoing ministry and leadership roles