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International Stage One - Business and Economics

The IS1 in Business and Economics will give you a grounding in the basics of business, encompassing key economic, legal and management principles. You will also develop maths skills that are vital for understanding accounting practices.

Course overview

The IS1 is the equivalent to the first year of a four year Scottish undergraduate degree. This programme is designed to help you develop your academic knowledge and skills within your subject area. You will also focus on improving your English academic literacy in preparation for continuing onto your chosen University of Dundee undergraduate degree. Studied across three terms, you will continue straight onto year two of your degree course at the University of Dundee once you have successfully completed the pathway.

English Language Requirements

Course English Language Requirement
Minimum IELTS 5.5 with no less than 5.5 in each component
+6 week Pre-Sessional English IELTS 5.0 with no less than 4.5 in each component
+12 week Pre-Sessional English IELTS 4.5 with no less than 4.0 in each component

What you will study

Alongside core modules, you will study subject-specific
modules that will equip you with a foundation of knowledge
for your chosen field of study.

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Core Modules

Data Analysis

This module provides a sound foundation in statistical knowledge and skills and covers an introduction to probability, hypothesis testing, the interpretation of data in context, the application of data to problem-solving, and experimentation.


This module provides the appropriate foundation in economic theory and focuses on the economic decision-making by individuals and businesses. The main topics covered include demand and supply, the operation of the price mechanism, productivity and profits, division of labour, scarcity, choice and allocation of resources, market structure, consumer demand theory, perfect competition, monopoly and oligopoly.

Introduction to Financial Accounting

This module covers accounting records and their source materials, double-entry bookkeeping, checking accuracy and preparing a trial balance, calculation of key ratios and interpreting a Statement of Financial Position and Income Statement.

Introduction to Management Accounting

This module focuses on the techniques of management accounting that are used to collect, process, and present financial and quantitative data within an organisation to aid performance management, cost control, planning and pricing and, through these, the process of managerial decision-making.

International Business Management

This module looks at business structure and the impact of internal and external factors on business growth and development. It introduces students to different approaches to management and leadership within businesses, and how thinking about management has developed over time. Marketing is used as a context into which to look at businesses’ responsiveness to the market and the need for strategic planning.

Financial Management

This module looks at financial management in business and personal contexts. Students are introduced to the ways in which businesses are financed; how their financial performance is monitored and controlled; and how international and national factors may impact them.

Key Information



4 years:1 year pathway + 3 year degree


Start Dates

September 2023


Pathway Tuition Fee

£12,995.00 – £18,695.00