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International Year One - SF State

International Year One is a special first-year program that boosts your academic English language skills and helps lay the groundwork for future success.

International Year One allows students to take credited SF State General Education courses alongside additional academic and English language instruction. The carefully curated credited course options allow first-year students to both discover new fields and further explore already strong subjects. Once International Year One is completed, students proceed directly to their second year of degree study at SF State.

English Language Requirements

Course English Language Requirement
Minimum IELTS 5.5 with no less than 5.0 in each component

Credit bearing courses

You can earn and transfer up to 24 units (credits) to your SF State Bachelor’s degree.

IELTS 4.5 Term 1 IELTS 4.5 Term 2
IELTS 5.0 + 5.5 Term 1
IELTS 4.5 Term 3
IELTS 5.0 + 5.5 Term 2
Credit Living in
San Francisco
(Credits: 1)
Writing the First Year:
Global Perspectives of
Multilingual Speakers
Stretch I (Credits: 4)

+ one Mathematics
class depending on
desired major
(Credits: 3-4)

Living in San Francisco
(Credits: 1): IELTS 5.0 +
5.5 Term 1 students only

Writing the First Year:
Global Perspectives of
Multilingual Speakers
Stretch II (Credits: 4)Critical Thinking and
the Ethnic Studies
Experience (Credits: 3)+ one-two General
Education courses
(Credits: 3)
Non-Credit + University
support classes
with a total of
24hrs study
+ University support
classes with a total of
18hrs study
+ University support
classes with a total of
12-14hrs study
Total approx. hours/week 25 hours 28 hours 24 – 30 hours


As well as courses unique to your specific pathway, you will
also study several courses common to all pathways.

Common courses

Living in San Francisco

Learn about the historical, geographic, and environmental, socio-cultural, and political context of the SF Bay Area that draws people to this place.

Writing the First Year: Global Perspectives of Multilingual Speakers Stretch I

The first semester of the stretch version of the First-Year Writing Seminar for multi-lingual students. Focused on developing the academic reading and writing skills necessary for university coursework.

riting the First Year: Global Perspectives of Multilingual Speakers Stretch II

Students will need to have achieved a C- or better in the first term of this class. The second semester of this class will allow extra time to revisit and practice reading and writing strategies to improve English fluency.

Critical Thinking and the Ethnic Studies Experience

Basic skills involved in understanding, criticizing, and constructing arguments by using materials reflective of experiences of ethnic/racial groups in the U.S.

University Support Classes

The support classess comprises of an Intergrated Skills Course, Immersive Experience, English for Academic Purposes, Academic Success Skills and Academic Support.

Available Subjects

Liberal & Creative Arts

Through the College of Liberal & Creative Arts students will be prepared for an increasingly global culture in which they will influence contemporary spaces, media, and social interactions.

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Social Sciences

The core values of the GCOE are reflected in the SF State Strategic Plan: Courage, Life of the Mind, Equity, Community, and Resilience. These values resonate with the GCOE and our commitment to social justice. We embrace these five values and have adapted them to align with the mission of the GCOE.

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A public urban business school that applies sustainability and ethical perspectives to the understanding of business practice, global leadership, innovation, the economy, and society.

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Health and Social Sciences

The College is committed to innovative teaching, scholarship, and service that inspires leadership for positive social change.

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Science and Engineering

The College of Science and Engineering is committed to providing superior scientific, engineering, and mathematical education in the context of a major urban university with a liberal arts tradition.

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Ethnic Studies

The College of Ethnic Studies embraces racial difference and diversity through the coursers and on-campus.

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Key Information



4 years:1 year pathway + 3 year degree


Start Dates

January 2024August 2024


Pathway Tuition Fee

$25,000.00 – $30,000.00