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International College Dundee

International College Dundee offers you an alternative way to begin your undergraduate or postgraduate studies at the University of Dundee.

About ICD

International College Dundee offers you an alternative way to
begin your undergraduate or postgraduate studies at the
awarding winning University of Dundee.

University of Dundee Nethergate Dundee Scotland, UK DD1 4HN

Features and Benefits

Great location

The college is on the
main University of
Dundee campus

Small classes

For individual support
and attention

Direct continuation

to the University of

Supportive staff

Who will help you
settle into life as a
student in Dundee

University student

From the day you
arrive on campus

From the Director’s desk

Here in Dundee, we are a family – one that is created by all our students and our staff. Our dedicated team of teachers will ensure that each student is supported to achieve the academic success they deserve. And, International College students know they are part of the College family. They tell me that ‘we are like a home far away but brought close’ (Elizabeth, Nigeria). That ‘students are very enthusiastic about learning and lecturers deliver in a very friendly and upbeat fashion’ (Dina, Egypt) and that you will be ‘provided with all of the services and assistance you need’ (Bezzy, Kenya).

Supporting you is central to our mission at International College Dundee. We are here to guide you as you become the best version of yourself.

I hope to see you soon.

Dr. Corinne Wales

College Director


Whether you are looking to pursue a degree in medicine, law,
engineering, or the arts, you’ll find a program at Dundee.

International Stage One (IS1)

The IS1 is the equivalent to the first year of a four-year Scottish undergraduate degree. ICD delivers the first stage and once completed you will continue onto year two of your chosen degree with the University of Dundee. You can choose from a range of pathways listed below.

International Year Zero in Art and Design

The Art and Design course continues directly to degrees at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design (DJCAD). DJCAD has a world renowned reputation for high-class teaching and research, offering a range of undergraduate courses across 11 disciplines.

Students will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and a worldclass team of artists and thinkers to help them develop their creative talent and critical thinking skills.

ICD / IS1 / Art and Design

International Stage One in Business and Economics

Our IS1 in Business and Economics will give you an excellent grounding in the basics of business, encompassing key economic, legal and management principles. You will also develop maths skills that are vital for understanding accounting practices.

Once you have completed your course, you will continue onto your chosen degree with the University of Dundee School of Business. With a fast-growing network of industry links and business partners, students will benefit from a range of opportunities, including potential work placements and dual accreditation on certain degrees.

ICD / IS1 / Business

International Stage One in Computing

Designed in partnership with experts from the University of Dundee’s School of Science and Engineering, this course will give you subject-specific preparation within Computing and will allow you to develop your ability to use software development tools.

Upon completion of this course, you will continue onto your chosen degree with the University of Dundee School of Science and Engineering. You will study using excellent facilities, increase your technical know-how in computer science, the principles of programming and algorithms.

ICD / IS1 / Computing

International Stage One in Engineering

Covering the major mathematical and scientific principles, this course gives you a great start in engineering, computing and physics. With a focus on maths and physics, you’ll deepen your understanding during this first year of your undergraduate degree.

After completing this course, you will continue your studies in our School of Science and Engineering, where you can kick-start your Chartered Engineering or scientific career by obtaining a BEng or BSc that fulfills the accreditation requirements of the Chartered Institute for IT or the British Computer Society (Chartered IT Professional (CITP) or

Chartered Engineering (CEng) or Chartered Scientist (CSci).

ICD / IS1 / Engineering

International Stage One in Life and Biomedical Sciences

This is a broad-based preparatory stage for one of a number of exciting and challenging undergraduate degrees at Dundee, such as Pharmacology or Molecular Biology. Once you have successfully completed this course, you will continue your chosen degree in the School of Life Sciences. Dundee is the top university in the UK for Biological Sciences according to the Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014). Leading scientists are involved both in the planning and teaching of courses at Dundee, and students benefit from up-to-date and well-equipped facilities for practical work.

ICD / IS1 / Life and Biomedical Sciences

International Stage One in Nursing

Nursing focusses on providing care and support to individuals and is considered a highly rewarding career within the health care sector.

The IS1 in Nursing will enhance your English language capabilities and develop your academic skills to help you succeed onto your chosen Nursing degree course.

Nursing courses at the University are designed in conjunction with partnership organisations to ensure your academic and professional development meet the needs of any contemporary nursing practice environment.

ICD / IS1 / Nursing

International Stage One in Law, Psychology and Social Studies

This course provides access to a range of exciting and challenging undergraduate degrees at Dundee, such as International Relations and Politics or Law. Upon successful completion, this route will enable you to continue your Social Sciences degree directly with the University of Dundee.

Students are offered a modern, forward looking approach to learning and a rigorous preparation for the professional world, whether in the legal sphere or elsewhere.

ICD / IS1 / Law, Psychology and Social Studies

International Stage Two (IS2)

The IS3 is the equivalent to the second year of a four-year Scottish undergraduate degree. ICD delivers the first stage and once completed you will continue onto year three of your chosen degree with the University of Dundee. No qualification is awarded at the end of this stage, students are awarded institutional credit.

International Stage Two in Business and Economics

The International Stage Two in Business and Economics gives you a head start to achieving a Scottish degree in business with the University of Dundee’s prestigious School of Business. Students will develop their knowledge in business, finance, management, accounting and economics which opens up a wide variety of career opportunities

ICD / IS2 / Business and Economics

International Stage Two in Applied Finance

Our International Stage Two in Applied Finance is the first stage of your integrated BSc (Hons) Applied Finance in Practice degree course. You will be introduced to financial accounting, management, business theory and mathematics for business. You will continue your degree studies with the School of Business who boast professional accreditation across many of their degree courses with recognised bodies such as The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and The Association of International Accountants (AIA).

ICD / IS2 / Applied Finance

International Stage Two in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering combines a range of technical, creative, and management skills. It plays an important role in a range of sectors including aerospace, energy management, and surgical innovation.

ICD / IS2 / Mechanical Engineering

International Stage Two in Computing

Computers affect every part of our lives. Technology is rapidly evolving, and the need for computer scientists to work across almost every industry continues to grow. Our IS2 in Computing is the first stage in your integrated BSc (Hons) Computing Science degree course.

ICD / IS2 / Computing

Pre-Masters Programme

The Pre Masters Programme is designed for those students who do not qualify for direct entry to a postgraduate degree at the University of Dundee. The Pre Masters Programme will equip you with the advanced skills you need to complete your postgraduate study at the University of Dundee. You can study this over one or two terms depending on your academic qualifications and English language level.

Pre-Masters in Business

The programme is offered as a one term (of 10 weeks) or two term (of 20 weeks) and upon successful completion of the PTUP, students will continue directly to the top-up or final year of selected undergraduate business-related programmes at De Montfort University (DMU).

If you do not have the grades required for direct entry to the top-up or final

Business professionals are relied upon to resolve complex issues in the business world, and advanced education can give you a competitive edge in your career. The Pre-Masters course will give you the essential skills you need to continue studying on one of Dundee’s exceptional postgraduate degrees in Business.

You can study the Pre-Masters course in Business over one or two terms depending on your academic qualifications and English language level.

ICD / PM / Business

Pre-Masters in Design

Design has a transformative effect on the world around us. This impact cuts across culture, business, the environment, and the economy. The course will give you an understanding of this impact and how you can shape it.

You can study the Pre Masters in Design over one term.

ICD / PM / Design

Pre-Masters in Energy and Sustainability

The Pre Masters in Energy & Sustainability is a one term or two-term course, leading onto a range of postgraduate degrees with The Centre for

Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) at the University of Dundee.

The Centre is committed to a programme for academic visitors, serving to build up an international network and global outreach and providing additional diversity in graduate teaching and research activities. You will delve into topics in greater depth than at the undergraduate level, extending and honing your expertise so that you are prepared for the demands of our postgraduate degrees.

You can study Energy & Sustainability over one term following the one term Business pathway.

ICD / PM / Energy and Sustainability

Pre-Masters in Engineering

The Pre-Masters in Engineering will help you to learn the theoretical and practical framework for engineering modelling and develop research methods to tackle engineering problems at postgraduate level. Upon completion you will progress to the School of Science and Engineering.

ICD / PM / Engineering

Pre-Masters in Psychology and Social Sciences

The Pre-Master’s in Psychology and Social Sciences offers you a fast-track route to a diverse range of continuation degree options including Psychology, Social Work and Social Research Methods.

ICD / PM / Psychology and Social Sciences

Pre-Masters in Law

The Pre-Masters develops your reflective and analytical skills that teach you to think critically, handle data and present information as well as becoming a confident communicator. It prepares you well for the flexible Dundee LLM where you can specialise in areas that interest you. The wide choice of law topics offered for study allows you to develop existing areas of specialism or to expand your knowledge into new areas of law that you have not studied or practised in before. This flexibility has meant that graduates have gone on to pursue careers in all aspects of the legal profession, from private practice, or as inhouse counsel, to working for governments or NGOs, as well as PhD study and academia.

The one-term is a fast track route to your personalised LLM in Law at the University.

ICD / PM / Law

Pre-Masters in Nursing and Health

In this course, you increase your knowledge, understanding and expertise required to enhance your clinical practice. You will also develop reflective and analytical skills that teach you to think critically, handle data and present information as well as becoming a confident communicator. These are skills highly valued by employers and relevant to any walk of life.

ICD / PM / Nursing and Health

Pre-Masters in Education

These IIM options will give you the essential skills you need to continue studying on one of Dundee’s exceptional postgraduate degrees in Education. There are one and two-term options available to prospective students. Both options include Education specific modules helping you to further prepare for your chosen University of Dundee Master’s programme.

ICD / PM / Education

Life at Dundee

There are many things that make Dundee one of the best
places for international students to study.

Exceptional quality of life

Dundee was recently named as one of the safest cities in the UK by The Complete University Guide 2021.

While offering the best of urban living, the city is still friendly, compact and easy to navigate. Green spaces abound, and in the last few years a new wave of restaurants, cafes and other eateries have opened, creating a vibrant food scene.

Finding the lifestyle you want is easy, and Dundee’s relatively small size and close knit community make it a safe and inexpensive place to live.

Everything you need

Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) is our award winning student association. Recently ranked number one in Scotland and 8th in the UK by the National Student Survey 2019, DUSA is the perfect place to find everything you need. As a DUSA member you can relax and socialise in a wide variety of facilities on campus.

The Premier Shop is a large convenience store located right in the heart of campus, selling everything from groceries and magazines to stationery and lab coats. If you’re waiting for friends, there’s WiFi throughout the building – plus an 18-table pool hall and the latest in video games and quiz machines.

Stay healthy

If you’re an athlete, a club level competitor, or you just like to keep fit, the Institute of Sport and Exercise (ISE) at the University of Dundee is the place to go. There’s plenty to choose from including a state-of-the-art gym, a 25-metre swimming pool, tennis courts, two sports halls and 33 acres of playing fields.

Clubs and societies

With over 200 affiliated societies there’s something for everyone at Dundee. There are political societies, groups raising valuable funds for charities, societies for people interested in different countries or cultures, religious-affiliated societies, sports clubs, and academic groups. There are also plenty of societies for those who just want to have a good time with like-minded people – such as the Comedy Club, the Sci-Fi Society and the BBQ, Baking and Coffee Society.

Study spaces

Students often have a wide variety of study habits – so to make life easier for everyone, our recently refurbished library is open until 2:30am during term and 24 hours a day during exam season.

Here you can find everything you need, from relaxation areas and creative spaces to group study rooms equipped with the latest technology.

Safe and secure

Dundee’s hall wardens and security officers provide 24-hour security cover, so you can have peace of mind and feel safe in your surroundings.

Your Route to this University

After you have successful completed your programme at the
International College Dundee, you will continue onto your
chosen degree course directly with the University of Dundee.

University of Dundee

The Scottish university in the heart of Dundee offers the best of all worlds: Green spaces, study places and the buzz of city life..

Degree Courses

The University has a wide range of fantastic and highly regarded degrees in subjects ranging from art & design to biomedical.

Find your perfect degree

What student support does Dundee offer?

Whether you will be in Dundee or start studying remotely from
home, the University of Dundee is ready to welcome and
support you.

Support Services

We are proud of our student experience reputation for being supportive, caring and helpful, but university life can still be daunting so we have a wealth of support services for you. Our Enquiry Centre is the first point of contact for all your questions. It’s located next to DUSA and the Premier Shop. Read our A to Z Helpful Guide for Students, which includes all our student support services.

International Advice Service

The International Advice Service (IAS) is tailored to provide specialist advice and guidance to you and your family on a range of matters relating to living and studying in the UK. Our advisers are trained in providing specialist immigration advice and assistance with Student visa extensions and are aware of the challenges you may face when studying in a different country and culture. They provide links to the local community and produce a range of useful information. The IAS can arrange appointments either online or at a social distance in the Global Room if required. 

Immigration regulations

The Immigration Compliance Team can be contacted on if you have any questions or concerns. We can arrange to meet you virtually or you can drop by the Global Room.

See our site for more

Academic support

The Academic Skills Centre (ASC) supports your learning journey. Services include online resources to help you study and revise and providing one-to-one academic skills and writing advice through our online appointments. For more information, go to the Academic Skills Centre. email: 

Careers Service

Use our online portal to contact the Careers Team. We can review documents online and meet with you for personalised career coaching via a bookable appointment:

International Student Fees

You can find the applicable international student course fee
for your chosen pathway study route listed below.

Download Dates & Fees Factsheet

Study Route Tuition Fees (2022-23) Tuition Fees (2023-2024)
International Stage One (IS1) From £12,995 From £12,995
International Stage Two (IS2) From £19,995.00 From £19,995.00
Pre-Master’s (PM) From £10,995.00 From £10,995.00
Please note: There is an additional £200 administration fee payable to Oxford International. Stated fees do not include tuition applicable for your degree course continued at Dundee University.

Scholarships at Dundee

Scholarships available to Students at the University of Dundee (after pathway course)

Students at the International College may be considered for a number of Scholarships that are part of the University of Dundee Scholarship offerings, such as the Global Citizenship Scholarship which awards students up to £5,000 per year of study. Another award is the ICD Progressing with Excellence Scholarship which recognises academic achievement while studying at the International College and awards up to £6,000 per year of study.

These scholarships are awarded for the University of Dundee period of study. Other Scholarships may be available for the ICD period of study, and you should contact your agent or Oxford International regional representative for full details of these.

For more information on scholarships available to ICD students visit the ICD Scholarships page.

Oxford International Scholarships available to students (during a pathway course)

Oxford International offers a number of scholarship opportunities for students applying for an academic course under the Core Scholarship. The scholarships are targeted at different regions around the world, awards range from partial contribution towards tuition fees to awards covering part or full pathway course fees at the international college.

Please note you’ll have to apply for the Core Scholarship and only a selection of students will be awarded.  For more information on the scholarships we offer to international students please contact us.

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Supporting students to success

Learn more about what our students have to say
when studying across our education network.

I think one of the main reasons the IIM (pre-masters) has been so helpful is because the staff are so supportive and are always able to help me. Whether it is understanding a module or finding out how to sort accommodation, they will help you with everything. I’ve enjoyed studying at Bangor, the people are friendly, and the environment is also really peaceful and safe. It’s given me the best opportunity to succeed in my studies here in the UK.

Tong Tong
China, Bangor University International College (BUIC)

I would recommend UGIC because it is based on the main University of Greenwich campus, a cosmopolitan university. At UGIC, there are students from all around the world, and I’ve made a lot of friends from exciting places.”

Turkmenistan, University of Greenwich International College (UGIC)

I have a lot of international friends here at BUIC, and I’ve learnt so much from them. There is always a lot to do together both on and off-campus.

Nepal, Bangor University International College (BUIC)

I have successfully progressed onto my degree course at the University of Bradford because of UBIC’s reliable policies and teaching programme. To the new students, those who just started their foundation at Bradford International College, I must say you are going to pass the class, the only thing required is your attention and leave the rest on UBIC’s staff because they are the one that are going to lead you to a brilliant future as it is a pathway to success.

Shoaib Khan
Pakistan, University of Bradford International College (UBIC)

I’ve enjoyed studying at DMUIC, the tutors are excellent and have helped me settle into life as a university student. They are also really supportive and have helped myself and other students with other issues outside of the classroom such as accommodation.

Bangladesh, De Montfort University International College (DMUIC)

As DMUIC is situated in England’s most vibrant and multicultural city, I had the opportunity to make friends from different countries. The most amazing thing was that the DMUIC staff including all teachers and the office persons were very motivational and welcoming. They provide the best routes for study to every individual.

Syed Asim Hussain
Pakistan, De Montfort University International College (DMUIC)