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Subject: Art and Design

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Subject: Art and Design


Courses in the Spanish Major allow students to master written and spoken Spanish and to explore all aspects of Hispanic literature and culture, including film, music and visual art. Our courses also examine current issues in Latin America—including the United States—and Spain.


Learn how societies and cultures of the past help us understand present day events

Design and Animation, B.F.A. (Formerly Computer Arts and Design)

The Design and Animation program prepares students to shape the digital landscape and pursue careers in animation, gaming and communication design, among other fields.


Build a foundation in critical thinking and communication that you can apply as a writer, teacher and in many other working environments.

Web Design and Development (Top Up) Level 6

This one-year top up programme is designed to provide you with a firm understanding of web design and development.

Web Design and Development

BSc Web Design and Development blends technical and creative skills to prepare you for a career in web development.

Software Engineering

Our BEng Software Engineering course specialises in software development and engineering to prepare you for a role in the software industry.

Digital Design

Striving for a career in UX/UI Design? Learn all about user experience, user interface and interaction design as a force for change in this innovative, industry-led programme.

Industrial design

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design addresses the creation of industrial goods and services.

Web Development

Our MSc Web Development provides a blend of computing and digital media skills to set you up for success in the industry