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BPP University

With over 16,000 students from more than 100 countries, BPP University is a diverse, multicultural university where you can network and make global connections while studying towards your future career.

BPP University

BPP University is a leading UK university, with a focus on delivering practically focused teaching which prepares students for successful professional careers.

At BPP University, preparing you for your future career is our number one priority. Our teaching focuses on developing the skills and knowledge that employers look for, which is why we are the preferred choice for leading global businesses.

BPP University 1 Portsoken Street London E1 8PH

Features and Benefits

98% of students

of BPP University graduates in employment were in highly skilled occupations 15 months after graduating.

Key city locations

BPP’s study centres are based in some of the UK’s key business locations.

Extensive tailored support

from professionally experienced tutors, providing coaching and guidance with your learning

Modern high tech facilities

Easy to apply

Experience London

London is a bustling metropolis of art, music, food and
everything in between. It is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city
steeped in culture and history, and BPP University study
locations are at the heart of it.

London is a thriving global metropolis with something for everyone, the city is as famous for its retail, restaurants, architecture and culture as it is for Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. Whether it’s science, history, art, design or fashion that interest you, London has a huge range of world-class museums and galleries to explore – many of which are free!

With study centres in the main areas of business, finance and law you will be in the centre of the vibrant, cosmopolitan city.

BPP also have study locations across the country which students are able to access from Birmingham and Manchester to Bristol and Cambridge, making the most of the key business areas across the UK.

Explore London

London offers everything from global artists performing in large stadiums to live bands playing in bars, pubs and clubs.  London has nearly 750 art galleries and museums as well as thriving and diverse theatre life, with major musicals and plays running in the West End as well as independent productions playing in local theatres across the capital.

Modern facilities

BPP’s study centres are based in some of the UK’s key
business locations. Our students learn in professional
workspaces, with modern resources and the latest

Campus - Key Information

  • All BPP University study centres include latest audio-visual technology and interactive learning facilities.
  • BPP centres have quiet study spaces for students, multi-faith rooms and free wi-fi access.
  • BPP have study centres across the country in key cities including Birmingham, Doncaster, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Reading and Southampton.

One Portsoken Street

BPP’s One Portsoken Street study centre is located within London’s iconic Square Mile, just a stone’s throw from the City’s famous financial district. Once home to Lloyd’s Chambers, our building has been redeveloped with the next generation of professionals in mind, boasting spacious learning facilities and state-of-the-art technology.

London Holborn

BPP University’s Law School is based in Holborn, the heart of London’s legal district. The recently refurbished study centre in Holborn is close to the historic Inns of Court and Law Society. Boasting 48 classrooms and mock courtrooms for realistic role-play for law students.

London City

BPP University London City study centre is the home of our Professional Qualification and Business School programmes. Located on the Square Mile, next to ‘The Gherkin’ and Lloyd’s of London, it is at the heart of the City.

London Waterloo

London Waterloo is situated close to the cultural quarter of the South Bank, our Waterloo study centre is in a part of the city famed for being particularly vibrant. We deliver wide range of University programmes from our Waterloo centre; Law, Nursing & Business and include a pro bono centre, library, nursing clinical rooms and psychology lab for our students benefit.

Student Experience

We believe BPP students deserve a world-class experience.

Alongside your academic studies, BPP’s independent Students’ Association delivers activities and events, with clubs and societies for you to join, and is there for you with free advice and support.

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Regular calendar of social and professional events, both in-person and virtually.

Clubs and societies

There is something for all interests, including student media publications, clubs and societies,

A day in the life of a BPP student

Ever wondered what it’s like to study as an international student at a UK university? Shandhya shares her experience of living in London and studying the MSc Management with Project Management course at BPP University.

Advantage+ application support

If you are applying to a course at BPP, enrol on this free, pre-arrival support module. Advantage+ provides guidance and support for the English Language Test, life in the UK and the application statement, including:

  • Help with your application statement
  • Help with improving your English language skills
  • Practice activities and guides to the English Language Test
  • Advice and feedback on student life in the UK

In-sessional English courses

Our in-sessional English course helps you develop the academic and language skills needed to succeed on the specific BPP programme you have been accepted onto. Each in-sessional course is different and has been designed to support a specific degree or postgraduate programme. After attending an in-sessional course you will have developed the skills in the following areas:

  • Academic spoken English for delivering presentations and speaking concisely
  • Academic written English for essays and reports
  • Assignment structure
  • Exam skills
  • Listening to lectures and note taking
  • Referencing and using sources appropriately
  • Research techniques

Student Voice

BPP University is committed to creating a high-quality, flexible and engaging learning environment that enables you to achieve your goals as a student. We highly value your opinions on all areas of university life. To find new ways of improving the student experience, we actively seek and give feedback via:

  • Peer and tutor feedback
  • Programme feedback opportunities
  • Staff Student Liaison Committees (SSLC)
  • Students’ Association
  • Student focus groups
  • Student opinion surveys
  • Student representation on key university committees
  • Student voice representatives and the annual student and learner written submissions
  • The Students’ Association team and Student President

Independent Advice

The Independent Advice team offers a free, confidential and unbiased service to all BPP students throughout their studies. The team is completely independent of BPP University so you can discuss any issues you have, and it will be kept 100% confidential (within the parameters of our advice standards). The Independent Advice team can help with issues, such as:

  • Academic support when things don’t go to plan
  • Administering the Students’ Association Crisis Fund to students in a financial emergency
  • Advising students on the complaints procedure
  • Feedback on mitigating circumstances and academic appeal applications
  • Support during the academic misconduct process

Your Route to University

The list of direct courses to BPP University will be coming
online soon.

MSc (Hons)
Healthcare Leadership

This course will give you the opportunity to learn alongside colleagues from a diverse range of professional settings to gain an in-depth understanding of the key principles, practice of leadership and subjects affecting today’s leaders in the NHS.

BSc (Hons)
Nursing (Mental Health)

This mental health nursing degree aims to produce excellent nurses who are fit for practice and able to meet the key needs of all patient groups. You will experience an academic and professional training environment conceived and structured to help you gain the knowledge, understanding and skills to pursue and sustain a career in contemporary nursing practice.

BSc (Hons)
Adult Nursing (Pre Registration)

This BSc Adult Nursing Degree course focuses on adult patients with a diverse range of health and dependency needs, including physical and emotional care requirements. In particular, it also addresses the needs of the ageing population.

Barrister Training Course with Professional Legal Studies (Masters)

Our Barrister Training Course with Professional Legal Studies covers the integrated knowledge and skills necessary to pass your relevant assessments, including centralised assessments set by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) and helping you to secure pupillage and become a barrister.

Barrister Training Course with Professional Legal Studies

Our PGDL Barrister Training Course with Professional Legal Studies covers the integrated knowledge and skills necessary to pass your relevant assessments, including centralised assessments set by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) and helping you to secure pupillage and become a barrister.

Barrister Training Course (Masters)

Our Barrister Training Course covers the integrated knowledge and skills necessary to pass your relevant assessments, including centralised assessments set by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) and helping you to secure pupillage and become a barrister.

Barrister Training Course (PGDL)

Our Barrister Training Course covers the integrated knowledge and skills necessary to pass your relevant assessments, including centralised assessments set by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) and helping you to secure pupillage and become a barrister.

Complete SQE Training for Law Graduates

For those who want to develop the core knowledge to pass the SQE1 and SQE2 assessments and gain a strong competitive edge in a challenging employment market.

LLM (Hons)
Law Conversion Course

If you’re looking to switch to a career in law, our law conversion courses will build the foundational knowledge you need for your future legal training to become a solicitor or barrister. On successful completion you will be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Law (PGDL), or if you opt for the master’s route, a Master of Laws in Law and Legal Practice.

LLM (Hons)
Trans-national Criminal Justice

Our Masters of Law (LLM) Trans‐national Criminal Justice offers a unique experience and education for professionals needing highly relevant expertise in key areas of law, along with practice of particular relevance to the modern financial and business world.

Legal Practice Course (LPC)

The Legal Practice Course, also known as the LPC, is a postgraduate course that is normally studied after an undergraduate degree or law conversion course in order to qualify as a solicitor.

Law Foundation Course (Diploma)

The Law Foundations Course (Postgraduate Diploma in Law), will develop your knowledge and understanding of core legal principles, and help you build foundational professional skills. Through our advanced approach, your preparation for practice starts from day one.

LLM (Hons)
Chinese Business and Investment Law

Given the significance of China in the world’s economy and the potential impact of China’s One Belt One Road strategy on an estimated 70% of the world’s population, this specialism enables students to acquire expertise in the relevant areas of Chinese law and practice.

LLM (Hons)
Commercial Law

Our Masters of Law (LLM) Commercial Law offers a unique experience and education for professionals needing highly relevant expertise in key areas of law, along with practice of particular relevance to the modern financial and business world.

LLM (Hons)
Financial Regulation and Compliance

While there are a few courses offered in the UK on financial regulation there are exceedingly few which combine this with the all-important dimension of compliance. The Masters of Law (LLM) Financial Regulation and Compliance core module is taught by two highly respected financial services lawyers, one of whom has worked for most of his professional life in compliance.

LLM (Hons)
International Business Law

Masters of Law (LLM) International Business Law module explores the legal environment within which international business transactions take place and disputes are resolved.

LLM (Hons)
Islamic Finance and Business Law

Masters of Law (LLM) Islamic law is of considerable importance in the financial markets and is taught by lawyers with considerable knowledge of the area.

LLM (Hons)
The Law relating to Fraud and Financial Crime

This course is taught by one of the world’s leading experts in economic crime and is supported by lawyers with specialised knowledge, including prosecutors and those with law enforcement and regulatory experience. Students may also be invited to attend the world-renowned Cambridge International Symposium on economic crime, which attracts hundreds of experts from all over the world.

BSc (Hons)
General Accounting, Financial Accounting

With a B.S. in General Accounting focused in financial accounting, you will learn the skills required to enhance your analytical and quantitative capabilities, preparing you for a career in accounting or finance.

MSc (Hons)
Management with Digital Marketing

This dynamic programme is aimed at ambitious individuals who want to develop management knowledge and skills with a solid understanding of the most advanced theories and techniques in digital marketing. It explores how to use data effectively to drive performance and manage risk in times of uncertainty and change.

MSc (Hons)
Accounting and Finance

Study the facets of modern business that are shaping the future of accountancy while gaining an ACCA qualification and a Master’s. This programme is structured so that selected modules are aligned to the ACCA Strategic Professional level, meaning you can confidently take professional exams, subject to eligibility, alongside your Master’s.

BSc (Hons)
Accounting and Finance

Gain a practical knowledge of accounting, business and digital disciplines, while learning effective skills for your financial career. This course offers exemptions towards the ACCA Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills papers, preparing you for a successful career anywhere in the world.

BSc (Hons)
Accounting and Finance with Digital business

As business evolves fast in the digital age, this programme has been designed to help you gain a solid foundation of accountancy alongside modern digital and data knowledge that can enhance your opportunities to join any organisation. Our modules are developed in partnership with global accounting employers and professional bodies, so they align to business needs of the future.

MSc (Hons)

Creating leaders of the future, our MSc Management course delivers the skills you need to manage at the highest levels of business. This programme is the perfect option for graduates or professionals looking to take the next step towards a successful career.

MSc (Hons)
Management with Project Management

With an opportunity to gain real-world experience, our MSc Management with Project Management programme builds the skills needed to deliver projects and manage effectively in the modern world.

MSc (Hons)
Management with Data Analytics

The ability to use data that can manage and drive a business forward is crucial in a modern organisation. Our programme has been developed to help you gain a core understanding of modern management theories while learning how to apply these to practical management activities.

Supporting students to success

Learn more about what our students have to say
when studying across our education network.

I think one of the main reasons the IIM (pre-masters) has been so helpful is because the staff are so supportive and are always able to help me. Whether it is understanding a module or finding out how to sort accommodation, they will help you with everything. I’ve enjoyed studying at Bangor, the people are friendly, and the environment is also really peaceful and safe. It’s given me the best opportunity to succeed in my studies here in the UK.

Tong Tong
China, Bangor University International College (BUIC)

I would recommend UGIC because it is based on the main University of Greenwich campus, a cosmopolitan university. At UGIC, there are students from all around the world, and I’ve made a lot of friends from exciting places.”

Turkmenistan, University of Greenwich International College (UGIC)

I have a lot of international friends here at BUIC, and I’ve learnt so much from them. There is always a lot to do together both on and off-campus.

Nepal, Bangor University International College (BUIC)

I have successfully progressed onto my degree course at the University of Bradford because of UBIC’s reliable policies and teaching programme. To the new students, those who just started their foundation at Bradford International College, I must say you are going to pass the class, the only thing required is your attention and leave the rest on UBIC’s staff because they are the one that are going to lead you to a brilliant future as it is a pathway to success.

Shoaib Khan
Pakistan, University of Bradford International College (UBIC)

I’ve enjoyed studying at DMUIC, the tutors are excellent and have helped me settle into life as a university student. They are also really supportive and have helped myself and other students with other issues outside of the classroom such as accommodation.

Bangladesh, De Montfort University International College (DMUIC)

As DMUIC is situated in England’s most vibrant and multicultural city, I had the opportunity to make friends from different countries. The most amazing thing was that the DMUIC staff including all teachers and the office persons were very motivational and welcoming. They provide the best routes for study to every individual.

Syed Asim Hussain
Pakistan, De Montfort University International College (DMUIC)